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BathWorks DIY Bathtub Refinishing Kits
Tub, Tile, Wall Surround, & Sink Refinishing Kit
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DIY Bathtub Non-Slip Application (Bone)

The BathWorks DIY Slip-Guard Kit is perfect for Anti-Slip Protection in ALL Bathtubs, Tub/Shower Units, and Basins. Enough material to complete two non-slip bottoms! Color:Bone

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Everything Needed to Eliminate Slippery Bath Fixtures.

  • Dries in 24hrs.
  • Permanent replacement to mats
  • Easy to clean
  • User Friendly
  • Amazing for damaged, rusted, and worn bottoms
  • Easy step by step instructions

Non-slip protection additive
Liquid Primer
Roller, gloves, cleaner, sandpaper, and stir stick

EZ Etch Kit is recommended for all cast iron and steel fixtures

  • Bathtub Non-Slip Kits
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